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His extraordinary book 2012 - The Great Shift provides cutting edge evidence confirming ancient Mayan prophesies of The Great Shift in human and planetary evolution and consciousness.

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The Burning Ground, Tak's first novel has been well received by Newagers as well as the general public. It is a deeply honest and sometimes brutal, true account of his spiritual baptism. The sequel, Long-knives - Gathering of Dragons is now available.

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Spiritual fire experience

This unique autobiographical novel details life in an authentic, spiritual community. Deeply personal and soul-wrenching, it is a true account of one man's search for spiritual enlightenment. The author's own testimony to the path of self-realisation is painstakingly recorded in extracts from his Spiritual Diary. 

It is set in the early 80's, in a sleepy Hertfordshire village in England. D.B., a Master Teacher and his elite inner circle disciples run the community. An outer circle of probationary novitiates completes the group dynamics.

Chris and Elena, are thrust into a metaphysical cauldron of transformation by an act of fate, which is destined to change their lives for ever.The promise of enlightenment leads them into a roller-coaster ride of traumatic and devastating experiences. In this cult-like arena their lives are torn apart. Love is tested and trust is betrayed. Brainwashed kids in factions battle for supremacy, as inter-group rivalry split the community. Conspiracy and deception is rife in this intense melting pot of transformation.

Ironically, the unbroken line of Ancient Wisdom teachings is housed there, but there is a high price to pay for illumination. After a psycho-spiritual breakdown, Chris treads the hallowed path of spiritual return. In a series of reincarnation experiences, he pieces together a tapestry of the group's past lives. They had all shared lives in the English Civil War period! Royalists again plot against the Roundheads, in a virtual re-enactment of the political power struggle of the 17th century.

Boys are smelted into men, as they exorcise demons and angels in their heads. Some unfortunate ones falter and others are consumned by the fire they unleash. Only the chosen one survives the ultimate spiritual experience - The Burning Ground. In the final climax, he uncovers a past life link to the historic King Arthur, the 6th century Romano-Celt war leader. With his spiritual destiny revealed, he prepares for his karmic duty, to retread the Quest for the Holy Grail.




This book chronicles the next chapter of Chris's extra-ordinary life in search for self-realisation and a deeper understanding of the origins of Romano-Celtic Britain. The epic journey now entices him into a mystic chess-game re-enactment which was played out in the distant, treacherous Dark Age past. He is unwittingly pitted against reincarnated Dark Saxon Druid souls, in the blood-soaked killing fields of Celtic South Wales, the dynastic home-lands of the real historic King Arthur.

Armed with only his purity of purpose and an overshadowing of his Daemon, he is thrust into spiritual warfare where he battles fallen angels, shape-shifting demons and satanic attacks for the salvation of human souls. His divine purpose is propelled forward with the mystic knowledge of a past life in King Arthur's epoch and his role in 'holding the light' in those Dark Ages.

It is based on real-life events, but some of the experiences and persons are fictional. It is historic, mythic and esoteric, tracing the earliest origins of King Arthur's Romano-British heritage, coupled with the author's Herculian challenges, as he unfolds his destiny on his Arthurian spiritual quest.



Are the London 2012 Olympic Games an Ascension event?

We are at the 'tipping-point' - Earth is in crisis - can our positive,
human energies help us transcend into a new enlightened Humanity?

What have the Indigo Kids got to do with 2012?      

Ancient prophesies - sacred number calendar systems - time-change codes - secrets of personal and global awakening - are all revealed in this extraordinary book and useful 2012 diary.

Chris sets out a positive vision of hope, world good-will and salvation for Humanity and planet Earth. His investigations provide conclusive proof of immense changes which the Ancient Mayan time-keepers prophesied over 2,400 years ago. Pain-staking research into ancient tribal teachings, astronomy, astrology, controversial cutting-edge science and esoteric wisdom teachings are presented in a practical, highly informative way.

Align with his uplifting message and help Humanity ascend into a new Golden Age of enlightenment.

2012 - The Great Shift is a beautifully designed 8.5 x 8.5 inch full colour 260 page soft cover book and 2012 diary. 40 stunning full page images grace the pages, aesthetically blending art, design and cutting edge evidence, proving The Great Shift is clearly happening now!

The diary outlines spiritually sensitive days from the world's religions - moon phases - solstices - equinoxes and Mayan time-shift dates. Personalise your journey in the diary, align with cosmic energy and help stimulate this human awakening period as we head towards the 21st December 2012.